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January 25, 2015

”Neither the claims nor the clarifications rather it’s the practical actions which determine the direction of life”.It was the 5th great day of Dec,2014, when i along with my son ”Umar” , in a job hunting campaign , searched every nook and corner of Karachi city. After repeated failures, frustration and desperation, i finally decided to sit in a hotel to refresh & revisit the said job hunting plan, Next to my table , a weak and old but a smart gentleman busy in guiding the frustrated jobless youth of the society. I was astonished to see a purely philanthropic service going on without any interval.”Add this remove that from your document, write this delete that from your CV, such & such are the departments and these are the last dates, go ahead you will get it”.Oh my God! in this busy life , Is there someone who can help others without expecting any return & reward. After passing about 30 minutes, i decided to intervene, May i know who you are Sir? He very politely replied, yes why not. I am Mr.Peter, serving in HR department in a nearby multinational co. and i daily sit here to guide the jobless young men,then he very gently asked me , How can I help you Sir? I said, well I am president of PACT and this smart, stylish and strong young-man sitting beside me is my son, He is president of music club, chairman of health club,2014 champion of snooker club and past president of college student union, but this science graduate is still jobless. Mr.Peter gently smiled and said Mr. president, I can read a very good job written on the forehead of your son, just drop his application in the head office of SSU near national stadium, today is the last date. I went to that office and successfully submitted the application. Next day again during job hunting campaign, when i visited the same hotel, i found Mr. Peter busy in guiding the jobless young men. After waiting a long time, I got an opportunity to talk to him, Good morning, Sir can we have lunch together today, he very politely refused, it’s my duty time, then i offered him dinner but not succeeded, this caused my curiosity to jump to it’s highest level. I immediately insisted him , Sir, i will go with you to your residence to see your kids, Mr. Peter, took a long & deep breathe and after a long silence, said ok ok let’s go. After about an hour journey, we reached at his residence. Mr. Peter said, Mr. President let me first introduce you my family.Do you see that old lady sitting on the ground alone & playing with stones, she is my great mother but she has lost her memory, then he brought a disabled boy baby lifting on his arms, he is my dear son , he is 8 years old,he can speak but unable to walk , then he brought another disabled female baby, she is my sweet daughter, she is 10 years old, she can neither talk nor walk , then he said this is my sweet heart my life partner, whose one foot has already cut by the doctors and the specialist has advised the same for other foot. While my head was down and eyes were full of tears, he with slightly heavy & sad voice said, the people living in 1st, 2nd,3rd and 4th floor of this building don’t know, who am i? but Mr. President you are very curious, very curious and curiosity kills,Mr. President don’t ask me any question more Pls, I am happy with everything what i have, Thanks God , i am alright,i am alright.But Mr. President, it’s my privilege to convey my message through you to everyone on this earth, ”Remember, Never Ever bow before the painful adversities of life, Today may not be the sunny day but it doesn’t mean that sun will not rise tomorrow, Do what you can do to help voiceless, hopeless and jobless segment of the society.”

Jawaid Awan's photo.

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